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Please register here to reward YOUR VALUED EMPLOYEES with 30 Days Of FREE HEALTHREWARDS and LOCALREWARDS.

Work Rewards Benefits :


Health Rewards is affordable Telemedicine Healthcare that provides the convenience and savings of making a phone call or video conference to a licensed doctor, anytime day or night, with no doctor consultation fees or copays to cover! And in most cases, the doctor will be able to diagnose your employee’s health problem, prescribe a treatment plan and send a prescription to a nearby pharmacy when it’s appropriate! Our Healthcare service covers up to 8 family members in a household. And, it includes a Discount Prescription Card to help your employees save up to 65% on medications at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide!


Local Rewards saves your employees lots of money with deep discounts on thousands of local daily deals. With this perk, your employees can stretch their dollars nearly everywhere they shop! And, with the travel service benefit included, the annual savings could be in the thousands of dollars! Users simply log onto the Local Rewards website or mobile phone app to find deals in their location and redeem discounts directly from their phone… it’s just that simple!

How It Works

It only takes a few minutes to set up your company before registering your employee’s WORK REWARDS Gift Certificates :

1. Click The OWNER REGISTRATION button below.

2. Enter Your Owner Activation Code found inside your My WORK REWARDS booklet.

3. Register Your Company information as requested.

4. Click The REDEEM CERTIFICATES button below to register each employee’s information along with their unique Certificate Codes. You may only redeem one code per employee. Note: A valid email address is required for each employee you register so they can receive their Welcome Emails.

5. After Registering your employees for their Complimentary Memberships, please provide each employee with a Complimentary Membership Certificate located in the booklet.

Important Note

Upon each certificate registration, newly activated employees will be instantly rewarded with both benefit programs: HEALTHREWARDS and LOCALREWARDS.

A Welcome Email will be sent to your registered employees for each Work Rewards program. Please tell your employee to look for an email from both programs.

If they do not receive their email from HEALTHREWARDS and LOCALREWARDS within 24 hours, please tell them to check their spam folder before contacting us.

Register Here

For Owner Operators / HR Personnel Only :

1. To Register Your Company

Owner Registration
2. To Register Each Employee

Redeem Certificates

Any Questions

Contact Us:
If you have questions about the Work Rewards Benefits, adding more Benefits for additional employees, or extending current Benefits, please call Work Rewards at: 1-855-433-2646

Email Us:
If your employees fail to receive their Welcome Emails, please email us at: benefits@myworkrewards.io with your employees information (including their email address) and the issue. Please give us 24 business hours to research the situation and reply to your company.

Watch Our Video

Please take a few minutes to watch our informative video that will explain our Work Rewards Benefits in more detail. For your convenience we have provided this video in English and Spanish. If you wish to share this video with your employees, you may wish to copy and paste the links below and share it with your employees.

ENGLISH LINK: https://youtu.be/rYvSpGFGQZw

SPANISH LINK: https://youtu.be/X2MYzuICKfE